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Broadcast and Telecommunications Products and Services for all your needs, small and large.




Broadcast Transmitters/Satellite/Translators and More.

Long Distance We can help you find the right Plan for One Location or Many Locations without replacing your existing phone system and without having to install a full VOIP phone system.




Telecommunications Phone Jacks to Traditional Phone Systems, Telular Wireless units, Hosted VOIP Phone Systems with Nationwide Coverage. Hybrid systems to re-use what you already have.

Custom Greetings and Voice Work voiced for you and updated as often as you like.  Voice Mail messages, ACD Custom Greetings, On Hold Menus, Commercials, Voiced to your system live or provided as a .wav file.  You provide the script or we can do it all for you.


Technical Services


Consulting Need help with a tough decision or problem, other specialized projects we have consulted on, designed, or installed.  How our experience can help you?  Project List.

Independent Evaluations of all your Communications and Technical needs.






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