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Consulting & Technical Services

 Consulting services to help clients with decisions relating to ANY Communications products or services and help with purchasing, service, business evaluations, research, and more.

 Technical services, on most technical issues and service with client equipment. We can help implement equipment from multiple vendors to meet your needs. We work with your existing equipment so you don't need to purchase anything new. We can design new from the ground up too.

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 PROJECT LIST  Some of the types of projects we have done in the past or are scheduled to do in the future:

Projects vary from simple residential connection in one location to several hundred extensions all over the country via a private satellite network. 


ACM Communications has installed Network, Phone, Coax, Fiber and Video cabling for home, home office, office, industrial buildings, and multi-building complexes.  Projects in buildings from a few hundred square foot single story office, to 60 plus story skyscrapers, and half a million square foot warehouses.


We have interconnected two to five buildings at multiple municipal airports including all phone and network connections. 


Several multi building schools with not only cable TV but also networking and phones in the buildings and between buildings.  In a several instances we were not able to excavate and had to run all the cables in the air between buildings and through the trees.


We maintain cabling and communications systems for food chains, processing plants, heavy construction, pizza chains, medical offices, broadcast radio and television, and even airlines that require 24x7 up time.


We have built microwave radio system linking two or more buildings including homes a block away and really tall buildings four or more miles apart. 


ACM Communications has installed camera systems in commercial and government facilities both inside and outside.


We have been contracted by organizations that sends us projects in most of the area hospitals and major retail stores and their warehouses.


ACM Communications clients have sent us all over the US and to several European counties on specialized projects.


Residential projects from small houses, apartment complexes, to high end mansions.


Custom cabling for movie and modeling shoots as well as exclusive private homes, large ranches, and winery estates. 


ACM Communications ran a mile of cable on a private ranch after their previous cable were damaged by a fire.


Several miles of wireless and/or cellular links for customers that are completely off the grid except for the wireless links we maintain for them.


We have built and worked on recording studios and broadcast facilities all over the US including several major facilities and even private ranches for specific artists or groups.


We regularly pre-built phone systems and/or related cabling systems that can be installed by others for projects across the country.


ACM Communications has provided equipment and/or services in in all 50 states and every continent in the world except the South Pole... but are working on that one.


ACM Communications has been serving customers since 1985 and looks forward to serving you too. 


Any questions please feel free to ask us.



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