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Customer Service and International Sales

Phone 916-797-0880 7am - 4pm Monday thru Friday Pacific Time

Sales Department Toll Free

Phone 1-888-477-0880 7am - 4pm Monday thru Friday Pacific Time


NOTE: Phone numbers are for potential, new and existing customer use only, no solicitors please.


See Rates and Coverage areas for where our services are available near you.

Additional information such as Address, Fax Numbers, and Direct Emails available by request.

Emails: (New & Existing customers only, spam is automatically deleted before delivery)

If your email to us even tries to look like spam it will be deleted therefore we recommend new customers call us first at 1-888-477-0880..

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Our Privacy Policy:

We DO NOT provide our customer information to anyone unless required by law enforcement. We DO NOT send out spam. We may contact you by phone, email or by mail up to once a year, but have only done group mailings twice in 20 years so your privacy is important to us.  This notice is subject to change without notice please check here for our latest privacy policy.

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