ACM Communications

 Long Distance Plans: (1.9 3.9 cents per minute for Qualified T1 Clients)

Plan 1: 3.9 Cents per minute Nationwide and 4.5 Cents per minute In California or

Plan 2: 1.9 Cents per minute Nationwide for Qualified T1 Customers.

Plan 3: Unlimited for as little as $25-$50 per month for qualified customers. Conditions Apply.


No monthly fees if you make or receive over $15 worth of Long Distance, Toll Free, and Calling Card Services. Charges are per account NOT per number. T1 local loop charges will apply. Minimum monthly commitments required, the more you commit to the lower your per minute charge. We will refer you to the carrier we feel will best meet your needs.

Provided by Major Long Distance Companies with special discount pricing for ACM Communications customers.

Have as many 800/888/877 Toll Free numbers as you need for Customer Support, Sales, Fax and Data Lines. Nationwide only $2.00/month per Toll Free number.

Calling Cards for as little as 18.9 cents/minute and no surcharges, and no prepayments, great for remote modem access.

Customers have told us "I can't believe how much less my long distance bill is since I followed your advice..." You to can call for less...

Calls to Canada for 7 cents per minute, Calls to Germany for 12 cents per minute, as well as many more countries all over the world. It is your money, how much do you really want to spend and how much do you want to keep for yourself? Rates and Plans subject to change so sign up now for the best discount.

 Email us with your fax or email address for an Application with one of our participating long distance carriers, or call 888-477-0880 for to talk to someone about these services.

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